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Prime Tyme Performance
For Sale

Items for sale:
2 used saddles will need some work.
1 is a 12-13.5 inch pony saddle with tooling and a suied seat.-150.00 canadian funds
1 is a 14-14.5 in saddle I got at an auction it is the saddle I am using now and will come with new cinch, EXTREMELY comfortable but I need a new saddle as I have out grown the old ones.-250 canadian funds.



Nikkita-  Nikki is a unregistered arabian from the stonebridge line (grandsire)  She rides Western and English.  She needs a little more training and she will make a great show horse or trail horse.  No bad habbits.  Ties, bathes, trims, has  shoes on now as she was in training for competetive trail riding when i decided to do western pleasure.  We were at a show and she went from winning barrels and down and back to winning walk jog. She knows a little bit about Halter.  If you would like to see nikki in action she will be at the western fair in september.
for more info-
Kenny- C 871-3388
             H 649-7497